The Beef "GRAND SLAM" Steak Bundle

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Turn on the game, crack open a beverage and turn the grill up high!  It’s time to Play Ball and hit a Homerun with these magnificent steaks. Thick and Juicy!!

This Griller Includes:

4pcs - Beef "Baseball" Cut Butt Steaks 6oz

4pcs - Beef "Slugger" Strip Steaks 10oz

1pc - Steak & Game Seasoning 2oz. jar 

Beef "Baseball" Cut Butt Steaks are cut from the top sirloin butt and are lean and full of flavor. They are best cooked over high heat, such as grilling. They become tough if over cooked. Ships Fresh

Beef "Slugger" Striploin Steaks is a lean and flavorful cut of steak taken from the striploin. The steak has a rich flavor and is sure to please any steak lover. Ships Fresh

Steak & Game Seasoning is a staple all-purpose roasting and grilling blend to always have on hand. To use: generously sprinkle over beef, pork, duck and other game meats just before cooking or combine spice blend with olive oil and use as a marinade overnight for more intense flavors.