Squab Whole Oven Ready 15-17oz.

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Our Squab are farm raised and unlike other poultry items that are chilled with ice water, during processing, we chose the less common Air Chilling method. We think it’s better because Air Chilling helps maintain a product’s true weight and elevates its natural flavor.

Squab meat is often described as having a gamey flavor, similar to that of duck or dark poultry meat. The texture is very tender and moist due to the bird's young age and high fat content. When properly cooked, squab meat can be incredibly flavorful and aromatic, with a slightly sweet undertone.

Many chefs and food enthusiasts find squab to be delicious due to its unique flavor profile and versatility in cooking. It can be prepared in various ways, such as roasted, grilled, braised, or even pan-seared. Its rich, dark meat pairs well with a wide range of herbs, spices, and sauces, making it a popular choice for gourmet dishes.