Organic Mountain Trout in Olive Oil

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A Healthy Product

The rainbow trout included in La Truitelle's canned fish are reared in small-scale facilities, on small structures. They have been AB-certified for over ten years, and are canned manually in a traditional French cannery. Combined with organic extra virgin olive oil, they are an important source of protein and unsalted fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9). Unlike wild fish, which often contain large quantities of heavy metals and microplastics, La Truitelle canned fish can be eaten several times a week.

100 grams

A Product Which is Kind to the Planet

La Truitelle canned fish is eco-friendly in three respects:

It is the first canned small fish to receive the organic farming (AB) certification.

It offers an alternative to the overfishing of pelagic species (sardines, mackerel and anchovies) which are continually decreasing in numbers and size.

The small fish canned by La Truitelle consume, for one kilo of processed fish, three to four times less fish meal than the large species generally used in canning and smoking.

La Truitelle SAS has also already undertaken, in collaboration with various stakeholders in animal nutrition, to develop as quickly as possible a feed which no longer contains fish meal. The ultimate aim is to produce canned fish with "zero impact on the sea."