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Venison Short Ribs Bone In

Venison Short Ribs Bone In

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What a fantastic twist to your favorite beef short rib recipe.

Our Venison Short Ribs Bone In are perfect for slow cooking and braising, and are a great way to add a savory flavor to your favorite recipes. They are tender and full of flavor, and make an excellent addition to any meal. Enjoy the unique flavor of venison in your next meal with our Venison Short Ribs Bone In.

Venison has a rich, savory flavor that is slightly sweet and nutty. It is a lean, firm-textured red meat that is slightly gamey. It is often described as having a sweet, wild, and slightly earthy flavor, with a hint of umami.

These Venison Short Ribs are fall apart tender, flavorful, balanced and not gamey. 

Approx. 4-5 inches in length. Packed 2 rib sets 2.25 - 2.5 lbs. per pack. Ships Frozen

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