Wagyu A5 Boneless Ribeye, 8oz.

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Falling in love with the Wagyu A5 Ribeye is inevitable. Wagyu A5 Japanese Ribeye is a crème de la crème of steaks in this world. This is the perfect balance of succulent wagyu fat and umami flavor. You will love its melt-in-your-mouth marbling, and scrumptious A5 Ribeye will blow you away with its sublime beef flavor and luxurious mouth feel.

Specification: 8 oz. hand cut box Ribeye, Ships Frozen


Wagyu A5 Boneless Ribeye Beef Wine Pairing

For the finest experience around, pair this succulent A5 ribeye with a juicy, robust red wine. Elegant wines like Shiraz, also known as Syrah, will lend bold notes of smoke, black fruit, and peppery spiciness to your luxury dining experience. This Australian wine’s high tannin content promotes a heavy mouthfeel that is the perfect complement to any meat.