Our founder, Pete, was 17 when he got into this business. Starting as a fishmonger at Burhops Seafood, he worked his way through every imaginable position you can have in the industry before founding Chicago Game & Gourmet in 1996. 

"I'm a life-long food lover. Some would call me an expert of meat, but I'm in this game for the love.

I've dedicated my life to sourcing the absolute best quality; not just in the United States, but across the globe.

Chicago's most esteemed restaurants trust Chicago Game to provide the highest quality foods for them, and I want that same quality available to the public."

If you see something on our website, it’s because we stand by it and serve it in our own home. The whole point of Chicago Game and Gourmet is to share the unbelievably delicious, sometimes rare ingredients and products we’ve come to love so you can share them with your loved ones.

We’re always happy to have a chat on the phone about what you’re looking for, or answer questions you may have. And if you’re up for a face to face conversation, we always welcome guests at our shop located at 700 W. Root St. in Chicago. 

Chicago's Best trust Chicago Game & Gourmet:

Happy Customers

"I always buy my game meats from here, and I am always satisfied with their products."

- John F.

"I always find something cool in their marketplace."

- Armando R.

"I’m happy with the home delivery. Their drivers are always courteous and show up on time."

- Andrea from WI

"Alligator, Bison, Elk... They have it all!"

- Tomas

"The Thickest and Meatiest Pork Chops you'll ever find! The Duroc rib chops are outstanding."

- Dave