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Buffalo Sausage w/ Chipotle Chiles 12oz.

Buffalo Sausage w/ Chipotle Chiles 12oz.

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The Buffalo Sausage with Chipotle Chiles is a unique and flavorful combination of flavors and heat. This sausage is made with premium buffalo meat, smoked jalapenos, and chipotle chiles for a southwestern kick. The smokiness of the jalapenos and the spice of the chipotle chiles provide a great balance of flavor and heat. This is a great introduction to buffalo sausage, as it provides a tasty blend of southwestern flavors that will please both the spicy and mild-tasting palates. Enjoy this sausage as a snack or as part of a meal.

Our spicy Buffalo sausage is packed with flavor that really brings on the heat to your BBQ parties, great breakfast or lunch options too. Easily cook these on the grill or pan-fried. 

4 Links in a 12oz. Package, Ships Frozen

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