Independence Day Grill Master

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The Independence Day Grill Master is an excellent choice for those who love premium steaks and flavorful seasonings. This bundle offers a combination of high-quality beef and bison ribeye steaks along with two unique seasonings to elevate your grilling experience.

Included in the Griller Bundle:

1.      Beef Ribeye Steaks  4pc / 12oz. each

    • Description: A popular choice for steak lovers, known for its tenderness, juiciness, and rich flavor.
    • Quality: USDA choice grade, ensuring top quality and aged to perfection.

2.      Bison Ribeye Steaks  4pc / 12oz. each

    • Description: A premium cut from the rib section of the bison, celebrated for its lean, tender, and full-flavored meat with a rich beefy taste.
    • Cooking Tip: Bison cooks in half the time of beef, so avoid overcooking.

3.      Hickory Smoked Sea Salt - 2oz. jar

    • Description: High-quality sea salt naturally smoked over hickory wood, providing a mild smoky flavor that adds depth and complexity to dishes.
    • Usage: Works great as a finishing salt on cooked dishes and pairs well with poultry, fish, pork, and vegetables.

4.      Steak & Game Seasoning - 2oz. jar

Description: An all-purpose roasting and grilling blend essential for any kitchen.

    • Usage: Sprinkle generously over beef, pork, duck, and other game meats before cooking, or combine with olive oil and use as a marinade overnight for more intense flavors.


  • Beef Ribeye Steaks: 4 pieces, 12oz. each, USDA choice grade, ships frozen.
  • Bison Ribeye Steaks: 4 pieces, 12oz. each, ships frozen.
  • Hickory Smoked Sea Salt: 2oz. jar, mild smoky flavor, great for various dishes.
  • Steak & Game Seasoning: 2oz. jar, versatile seasoning for grilling and roasting.

This bundle is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy high-quality steaks and add a delicious smoky and savory touch to their meals. Whether you're hosting a barbecue or preparing a special dinner, this Grill Master Steak Bundle has everything you need to impress your guests.