Quail, Semi-Boneless

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Simply season with salt & pepper and place on a HOT grill or sauté pan for several minutes on each side. Bam! You’re ready to eat.

Semi-boneless quail is a great option for a dinner party or special meal. This package includes four 3.5 oz. pieces of semi-boneless quail. The quail is prepared so that the majority of the bones are removed, leaving the wings and part of the legs intact. 

4 pcs - 3.5 oz. each, Ships Frozen

Our Coturnix breed of quails have been partially de-boned for effortless preparation and it makes eating them so much more enjoyable.  

Quail meat is tasty, tender and incredibly flavorful. Best described as having the richness of duck and the subtleness of chicken.

  • Cage Free

  • Vegetarian GMO-Free Feed

  • No Antibiotics or Hormones

Each package contains 4 semi-boneless quail 3.5 oz. each