July 01, 2024

Elevating Culinary Excellence

By Peter Andrews
Elevating Culinary Excellence

Discover the culinary artistry of Chef Kristen Brogan (Pictured Left) and Chef Amy Lukasik (Pictured Right) – where health meets gourmet and tradition meets innovation.



Chef Kristen Brogan

Kristen Brogan is a registered dietitian turned private chef with a passion for turning superfoods into culinary delights. Growing up in a household devoted to health and flavor, Kristen was influenced by her fitness fanatic father, a personal trainer and bodybuilder, and her mother, who hailed from a large Lebanese family and instilled in her the art of cooking from a young age. Kristen’s unique upbringing allowed her to blend the concepts of food as fuel and food as love, creating a one-of-a-kind eating experience.

Kristen’s expertise has taken her around the globe, teaching others to make healthy yet delicious food, proving that nothing is off-limits when it’s made at home. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she had the opportunity to serve as the private chef for the Governor of Michigan and has since cooked for NBA players, movie directors, professional coaches, and business executives. Today, as a chef and brand ambassador for the Middleby Residential Chicago showroom, Kristen offers customers a fresh and seasonal dining experience, showcasing top luxury kitchen appliances.

Chef Amy Lukasik

Amy Lukasik is a professionally trained chef with over two decades of experience spanning fine dining, catering, banquets, cooking classes, and retail. Specializing in both savory and pastry dishes, Amy has held various executive roles in the food service industry, focusing on menu and recipe development for both home cooking and high-volume production. Her robust background allows her to experiment with different recipes and provide insightful feedback.

As a former chef instructor at Sur La Table, Amy prepared and taught classes on a variety of cuisines for students of all ages, a practice she continues to this day for the sheer joy of sharing her culinary knowledge. Currently, Amy serves as a chef and brand ambassador for Middleby Residential, where she cooks, trains, and educates designers, dealers, builders, corporate groups, and customers on high-end kitchen appliances, combining her expertise with the latest culinary innovations.