May 01, 2024

Ruhter Bison Farms: Where Heritage Meets Quality

By Peter Andrews
Ruhter Bison Farms: Where Heritage Meets Quality

Ruhter Bison is a family-owned  ranch dedicated to the conservation of land and wildlife.  Their commitment to a healthy lifestyle is demonstrated by supplying quality grass-fed bison meat as a healthy alternative to more traditional sources of meat. All of their bison are 100% pasture-raised and hormone/antibiotic free.   

Environmental conservation and wildlife management are part of our family values with several family members even working in wildlife management, pasture and crop science, environmental toxicology and water management. 

 At Ruhter Bison Farms, the values of hard work, integrity, and sustainability are woven into every aspect of the operation. From the raising of the Bison to the final packaging of the meat, attention to detail is paramount, ensuring that every product that bears the Ruhter name is of the highest quality.

The Choices can be hard on where you get your meat but you can always count on Chicago Game to put quality meat on your doorstep.

We only work with the best so we can serve the best. We are proud to have Ruhter Farms as one of our preferred vendors.